Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Each day millions of dollars are lost due to missed emails, notifications, or other urgent information!

43% of employees say that interruptions by co-workers is the main reason for lack of productivity

Too much mingling around the workspace decreases concentration, which causes a drop in personal and overall productivity. It usually takes up to 25 minutes to regain focus after being distracted or interrupted. Employees in cubes are interrupted 29% more often than people in private offices.


Around 86 minutes are lost each day due to ineffective workplace communication

Over an hour every workday is spent on useless tasks. This causes financial loss for your business - time is money, as they say. Interruptions distract your employees, which causes stress, work dissatisfaction, and higher pressure regarding deadlines.

Luxafor Flag

From $35.00

The USB RGB LED light indicator that improves your team’s communication and minimizes interruptions. Your team can use the several color modes of Luxafor Flag to show their availability, for example, a red light would mean that the person should not be interrupted, while a green light lets others know that this person is open for a conversation.

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Luxafor Bluetooth


The USB RGB LED light indicator that is powered by a built-in power bank. It can be attached to any surface and controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth. Alerts, notifications and information can be displayed wherever you place it. Indicate if a meeting room is free or occupied, place it outside of closed offices to let others know when they can enter, or place it where your whole team can see to manage your office workflow with color coded signals.

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Luxafor ANC Headphones


Noise in the office is one of the biggest productivity obstacles. A full 30% of workers in open plan offices, were dissatisfied with the noise level of their workspaces. Active noise cancelling headphones minimize the surrounding noise to keep you focused on your tasks. Luxafor ANC headphones don’t add noise inside the ear — instead, they cancel it out, neutralizing the noise rather than masking it, without damaging the ear.

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Noise canceling headphones


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