Luxafor Bluetooth

Included cable length 0.5m
Included Bluetooth dongle
Freedom from wires. Indicate if a meeting room is free or occupied or place it outside of your office to show whether you're available. Comes with a Bluetooth dongle that has an operation range of up to 10 meters.
124 x 24 x 23 mm ( 4.88 x 0.94 x 0.90’’)
Dongle: 42 x 18 x 8 mm ( 1.65 x 0.70 x 0.31" )
70g with battery
Dongle: 8g
2 x RGB LEDs
Dongle: 2 x RGB LEDs
Rated power up to 0,2 W
Dongle: Rated power up to 0,2 W
With a standard micro usb data cable
Built in 2600mAh battery
working time 92h - 6 months depending on brightness and working mode
Dongle: USB powered

Luxafor Bluetooth features

Luxafor Bluetooth isn't just a status indicator - added features like the timer, pomodoro, or possible integrations with productivity and notification apps, make Luxafor Bluetooth your personal assistant!

Solid colorSolid color
SkypeSkype for Business (Win)
Prod appsProductivity apps
KeyboardHot Keys
Api icoOpen source
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Luxafor Flag

From $35.00

The USB RGB LED light indicator that notifies everyone of your availability.The red light may indicate that you're busy and can't talk. While the green light would signal that you're open for conversations. Customizable colors and patterns allow for many other combinations and creative solutions. Plus, the integrated Pomodoro timer keeps your productivity in check.

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Luxafor Bluetooth


The USB RGB LED light indicator that is powered by a built-in power bank. It can be attached to any surface and controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth. Alerts, notifications and information can be displayed wherever you place the Luxafor. Indicate if a meeting room is free or occupied, place it outside of your office to show whether you're available, or even put it in your living room to see if you’ve received any new emails, Skype for Business messages, calls, invitations, and more .

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Luxafor ANC Headphones


Noise in the office is one of the biggest productivity obstacles. A full 30% of workers in open plan offices, were dissatisfied with the noise level of their workspaces. Active noise cancelling headphones minimize the surrounding noise to keep you focused on your tasks. Luxafor ANC headphones don’t add noise inside the ear — instead, they cancel it out, neutralizing the noise rather than masking it, without damaging the ear.

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Noise canceling headphones

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What customers say

Brad Jones


"In an open office layout, Luxafor has helped us to create protective safe zones for designers to stay engaged and increase their productiveness. Once adopted, you realize it is such a healthy courtesy to give your fellow worker in the cube next to you their much needed focused time.

If the light is green, say what you mean. If the light is red, talk and you're dead"